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  1. D

    disconnection issue

    i really need help with this ever since the season 5 update i havent been able to play warzone because it disconnects me every single time i start the time either saying error code BZNB with a bunch of numbers on the end or ujst saying cant connect. ive tried everything i can think of, re...
  2. M


  3. A


    At the end of July I got hacked. I was on vacation when I got the emails saying my account was experiencing unusual activity. I changed my password and thought I was in the clear. When I got back from vacation I tried to play and found out I have been PERMANENTLY BANNED. I was so confused cause...
  4. A

    COOL VIDEO, a lot of epic kills. I’d appreciate a watch!

    View: https://youtu.be/rcFBVw2YUr4
  5. H

    Multi Is it possible?

    Hello, I’m looking for a competitive to casual clan that rolls together and enjoys playing together whether it’s Cold War or Warzone. I can’t tel you how many times I’ve joined clans discord’s and hoped for active and engaging experience but that never happened. I prefer a bit older crowd seeing...
  6. CottonNinja

    PC Flashbang Chicken Elites recruiting!

    Hi there! My name is Cotton, Lady Cotton in most games but Cotton Ninja in cod. My bf and I started Flashbang about 6 months ago with a group of online friends and it has been flourishing since. We are a growing community in COD and most of us play modern warfare and cold war zombies. Not a big...
  7. K

    Shoot the ship

    Is shoot the ship not working for anyone else? every time I try to load into a match it just restarts the matchmaking. any tips?
  8. G

    How to eliminate a whole team in 2 seconds!

    View: https://youtu.be/dCiAUDDnke4 How to eliminate a team in 2 seconds! Check out my other videos and consider subscribing for daily content!
  9. I

    Sup' Bro ?

    Salut, Ijak au rapport Kar 98 player et meta FA (GROSSE BALLE DE KAAAR) J'ai récemment créé une chaîne Twitch dans l'objectif de vous partager mon gameplay sur Warzone, plutôt débutant avec 1.17 KD. Si vous voulez chiller en mattant un stream, discuter avec moi ou parler classe, soldats vous...
  10. C

    Multi 1bKas - Recruiting

    Hello all! Going to keep it short and sweet. 1st Batallion Kashyyyk Rangers are recruiting, focused on casual but tactical team play on Modern Warfare. Unlike a lot of other Regiments I've seen out there, this is all about a good atmosphere and inclusiveness first and foremost! We are...
  11. jdjersey

    Multi MW/CW/Zombies Clan - Casual & Comp

    The MOST ACTIVE Hardcore Search & Destroy Community in the Game right now. This is a guarantee. Bu for North American and European players but all regions are welcome. Every single night we have 2-5 full lobbies of our guys and girls playing Modern Warfare. We also run lobbies for Cold War HC...
  12. E

    Multi Eclipse Gaming Syndicate

    Hello there potential recruit, Are you tired of being judged for your game skill? Have you ever wanted a community that you can game with no matter what? Well here at Eclipse Gaming Syndicate, we want to create an atmosphere that allows you to do just that. We are still very new and are trying...
  13. V

    Xbox OG Gamertag Shop

    All v1 gamertags NO dupes. All come with the original email address. Can be swapped to your main xbox account safely. Cashapp, Btc, Paypal. Dm on Instagram to buy @vhax or @247logins
  14. F

    wrongfully Banned!!!

    I have recently bought a expansive gaming PC, because I love playing Warzone. I've been playing on console all my life. I'm a decent play on Warzone. My K.D was a 1.79 when I made the big switch. My skill level got better with the upgrade to PC. in 3 months I got my K.D to a 1.95,lus more time...
  15. ElCucuy928

    Multi Join my Gaming community (SRG) We are active!!

    Whats up peeps! Join (SRG) Scarlet Reapers Gaming! We are super active in Cold War, Modern Warfare, Apex, Minecraft, Roblox & Rocket League. Im in charge of the Cold War Division which is Grim Reapers! We play a lot of Team Death match, Search & Destroy and League. We are very active and have...
  16. E

    Multi Inviting all players to "Anarchy"

    *This post is not a clan recruitment* Anarchy is a community of casual and competitive players for games with a strong focus on COD, COD ZOMBIES, GTA, & RED DEAD ONLINE. We have channels to link up with people to play together as well as an off topic chat, meme channel, and places to advertise...
  17. C

    Multi Join TSF In COD:BOCW & Warzone

    Please Visit Our Discord Server! Connect by visiting Team-SF.com/Discord Website: Team-SF.com Intro to TSF TSF is a community of gamers from around the world that value maturity, excellence, and uncommon professionalism. Founded in 1997, it has been a veritable institution throughout the...
  18. Nayzek

    Multi prestiger master niveau 1000 on vous attend sur discord

    prestige master niveau 1000 dark eather venez sur le discord pour des preuves https://discord.gg/TTGnE94VNe
  19. S

    Multi I need a CLAN!!!!¡¡¡¡¡

    I need a clan I can play with I play solo now and keep having to play with randoms against teams and clans and its fucking infuriating so please if you have a decent clan can I try out? Salishraven32
  20. Brownie1991_09


    Hi guys, I’m new to twitch and really wanting to get my name out on the streamer world. I play COD warzone with my mates. Head on over to twitch and give me a follow, Brownie1991_09. I will always follow back. A few interesting discussions popped up today, and a favourite was, what is...