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  1. TCG Wheezy

    Multi Trace Gaming (TCG) Is The Gaming Community To Connect Gamers!

    Looking for a community that will have your back? New people to meet and play with, and get involved with multiple teams is what you want? Trace Gaming is all about that and we provide many opportunities for you to get yourself involved in, too many for you to get involved in all at once. We...
  2. xhurricanearielx

    Multi Fatal Shock Gaming is recruiting 17+

    Fatal Shock Gaming is Actively recruiting for our HC/CORE and BLACKOUT division. We are fun laid-back gaming clan with a competitive side as well. Our over goal is to have fun and play with non-toxic people. we require a tryout to make sure we all play and mesh well together. We host monthly...
  3. B

    PSN Black Ops 4 Discord Server

    Black Ops 4 Discord Server https://discord.gg/Nr8rkZ9
  4. S

    Don't post in the wrong places.

    Hey guys please sub to my channel i post black ops 2 vids thanks www.youtube.com/SirVideoGames
  5. O

    PSN New COD WW2 League for Clans PS4

    COD WW2 Hey, I was thinking, I remember playing MW2 back in the day and a clan match consisted of two teams adding each other and creating a private match and whoever won got the bragging rights to saying they were the better team! I was thinking maybe bringing something like that back, but with...
  6. O

    PSN OPz Klan - PS4 Looking for new members

    We are a brand new clan hailing from leprechaun land. We are recruiting people to join our clan. We play Call of Duty WW2, Black Ops 3 & other games like Fortnite, Destiny & Rocket League. We don't mind if your a casual gamer or an everyday gamer if you enjoy to play and want to have fun...
  7. B

    Multi BackDraftNation

    BackDraftNation is a new and up coming community. My brother and i just recently started this community and we plan on growing and making it big. Right now we have stated to get us a cod team in the works. Most of us in the group so far are streamer but some are here just to have fun and enjoy...
  8. C

    Xbox Live Recruiting Snipers And Reg Gun Competitive Players // Cloo Clan

    No trollers, we accept content creators youtubers, feeders, trickshotters etc must have either bo3 bo2 ww2 or aw @SirSlurpz is the leaders twitter dm him for a spot clan is brand new and we have one montage up at the moment Cloo Sniper Montage
  9. h3rb1x

    PSN The 55's

    Hello Everyone, The 55's are looking for new members to join our ranks on COD WWII on the PS4! We are a mature, fun, group of gamers from all over the world, and from all walks of life. Highlights: Non-prestige level 55 clan. Statistics such as K/D bare no relevance here, we just like to have...
  10. S

    PSN WWII Clan

    I am looking to join an existing clan or possibly start a new clan. Platform: PS4 PSN: shaeZ3000 Servers: North American I by no means am a pro, but I am not the worst player. I play in the evenings and on the weekends. I like all of the game modes, I have a mic, and I am moderately...
  11. D


    Hello my name is alex a.k.a Daze|XIII| i used to play cod1 alot since 2005-2011, now i have played for while again at multiplayer and thought where i can hook up some old players that used to play, one guy named ''prawy'' recreated one awesome zombie mod to alive and its running atm, we have...
  12. D


    Hello my name is alex a.k.a Daze|XIII| i used to play alot since 2005-2011, now i have played for while again at multiplayer and thought where i can hook up some old players that used to play, one guy named ''prawy'' recreated one awesome zombie mod to alive and its running atm, we have like 15...
  13. J

    Multi Upcoming FREE TO ENTER $60,000 COD WWII Tournament (NA Only, Sanctioned by Activision)

    Hey Guys! WorldGaming’s Canadian Championship Series, presented by PS4, returns to Toronto on March 3 - 4. North America’s Top 8 teams will battle for $60,000 and the Championship title, by playing Call of Duty: WWII across two qualifying stages to reach our live National Finals at the...
  14. S

    Awesome Gameplay

    Hi everyone, I just made my first youtube video with clips of some gameplay. I would appreciate it so much if you could like and subscribe to my channel. I would appreciate any feedback you have as well. my channel name is Show Stephanie :D :D View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYrAsecjudo
  15. W

    Xbox Live Community Sniping Clan (Simple) Ages 14+

    Hello Cod Fourums! This is ofically my first post ; And I am the leader of the clan Illuminite, we are a sniping clan in call of duty. We are a clan that uses any kind of clip that has to deal with sniping, bots, trickshots, collats, quads, 5ons, whatever. You will need to have either Skype, or...
  16. R

    Xbox Live PuRe Rezurrection is Recruiting

    PuRe Rezurrection is Recruiting for Xbox 360 PuRe ReZ is a brand new C.O.D. clan and is now recruiting new members for MW3 on XBOX360. To join PuRe ReZ you must be at least 16yrs old. Once you register and apply you will then be placed into an eval period. During this time you will play with...
  17. J

    PSN Recruiting For Call of Duty WW II Team

    The organization Inception Esports is now recruiting for Call of Duty WW II! REQUIREMENTS: -Must Play On The PS4 -MUST BE AT LEAST 18+ -BE MATURE -BE ACTIVE! -WILLING TO USE DISCORD! Message me on Twitter @Jennys_Games if you’re serious on joining our team. If you don't have Discord you can...
  18. M

    PSN TriBeZz Recruiting now

    TriBeZz Clan is recruiting now! We are a pretty laid back team, you dont have to play everyday if you dont want we understand people have lives but we do ask for you to be on some of the time. We are looking for snipers and trickshotters right now. If youre a sniper you need at least one clip...
  19. BoLt Overkill

    Xbox Live Recruiting For BoLt Clan

    Hello, Call of Duty forums member! With no further introduction, I am an Xbox One, US clan leader. We currently have only 2 members, I am one of them. I am looking to grow. I know I will never be as large as Faze, but I was reaching for 15+ members, and maybe go upon that if I can run a team...
  20. TheSinisterMisfits

    GUTS Clan Colonel Grinding Live 12 Hour Every Day

    One of our Colonel's is grinding every day on 12 hour Live Streams to reach the Top 100! He's helping with GUTS Clan activities and usually has members with him all while grinding it out. Let's show him some love and give him a Like and Subscribe to a fellow COD players Channel...