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  1. noUgaming.com

    noUgaming.com , Love you guys!

    Hey guys, just dropping in to say hello! Very nice community you all have built here! If anyone ever needs anything just PM me on here or shoot me an email @ mr@nougaming.com We love good witty ideas, plain text or image ideas! shoot us any T-shirt ideas you may have! If we make it we will...
  2. G


    View: https://youtu.be/Cp3o16It9rg Subscribe for more guided videos
  3. W

    PSN Looking for active players!!!

    Looking for active players to play with. I’m a dad in my late 20’s and I’m sick of playing with the randos. COD: Warzone Activision gamer tag is whiteknite92 Hit me up saying you saw my thread on here so I know! Let’s get down on some plunder!!
  4. U

    Cool old style warzone fragmovie

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmcGCEgwOec
  5. MajorCrimes99

    Ever thought about being paid to play?

    Hello all, I've come up with an Idea to get paid to play Warzone. If youre interested and can play 1 game a day get in touch. Also looking for people to help transform my spreadsheet into a usable webform. Get in touch
  6. HQC4

    COD COLDWAR and WARZONE highlights from KoMA thegrower /KOMA the grower

    Check out some new Cold War scenes and KoMA THEGROWER dying a lot Koma THEGROWER dying in warzone and Cold War clips from game debut
  7. Invictus_pc


    Whats good everyone! Want to earn cash? Want to make history?.. I am currently running a Call of Duty: Warzone Trios Tournament, there is cash prize split between 1/2/3 and also a bonus prize for play of the day! if youre interested and want to know more please message me on here or on instagram...
  8. Manray17

    Xbox Live Looking for a Dou’s partner to compete in tourney

    Hey guys im looking for people to join tournaments with. Duo’s or trios. Got plenty of clips to back it up lol I’m good and also a dummy. Also looking for ppl to collab and make content with. View: https://youtu.be/IU6OBrPyHR0 I’m always recording at night 12am - 3 am ish Uhohmypphurt is my...
  9. Mrespano

    Insane QuickScope Montage with Good editing

    Hey! This is a sniper montage with Kar98k. Hope you like it :) Im trying to make a Call of Duty youtube channel so feel free to give me a sub, I had really appreciated that! :) View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGGJChEzCKc Thanks for watching!
  10. T

    Multi New Clan Looking for Affiliates

    We are a growing clan with high potential and ambition. We post content and play professionally in tournaments. We are looking for members to join on as affiliate content creators and just play with us. DM us on Instagram @realteamsync or reply here and we will try to respond!
  11. AyoBagz

    Multi VORSOC Is Recruiting!

    Hey everyone! Im here trying to spread the word of a gaming community I’ve been a part of for quite awhile now. We are almost to 300 members! It was created by a marine veteran and is called VORSOC(Veteran Out Reach Special Operations Command). It was started to help give veterans a place to go...
  12. X

    Multi [PS4/XBOX/PC] [All Regions] Cortex is recruiting new members!

    Welcome to Cortex. Who We Are: Cortex is a close-knit, professional, and highly organised international multi-gaming family/community. We are highly active, treat people equally, and welcome all walks of life be that casual or competitive, we have the experience to aid you in the gaming...

    Multi Merciless Pros Network is looking for you

    A great community is looking for you! MPN, known as the Merciless Pros Network has been around since 2010 and is actively recruiting for Advanced Warfare on Xbox Live. If you are interested in entering the ranks and helping a well known gaming community succeed then please just visit our...
  14. Mike assassin


    Progression vid from Lvl 1 of the Rytec AMR through to Lvl 31, how does it improve and can it be used as a good QS option..?
  15. C

    COD racist EXPOSED (LividBear)

    Many of us in the community deal with this too often. One user was dumb enough to expose his own identity while going on a 10+ minute racist rant. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCmxD_X_Y9w
  16. C


    Hey everyone Reapers Vanguard is a mature community based clan in Australia however all timezones are more than welcome to join. We have loads of members for you to regularly play with to progress missions etc or just team up with and have a laugh. We have weekly events and we aren't just COD...
  17. b_natter

    Mobile Suicide Charley Clan Recruitment

    Suicide Charley is recruiting. We are a clan in COD Mobile, and we just move up to level 4. We have 30 members right now, so we're looking for new players. We are a laid back clan with active players, however I will drop players if they don't play at least once a week or don't contribute points...
  18. B

    Playing COD MW Shoot House and Hard Hat

    please subscribe to the channel if you like these game plays, and smash that like button. Shoot House Game play Hard Hat Game play thank you and enjoy.
  19. TheMobGaming

    Multi TMG - The Mob Gaming

    Looking for a squad to run with? Tired of getting lost in the numbers and politics of some those larger clans? TMG is now actively recruiting! We are currently a small group of mature gamers (18+) who like to have fun gaming casually, but also get sweaty when we need to let people know The Mob...
  20. O

    Multi 5v5 COD MW Domination Tournament! May 22, 2020

    Register for a 5v5 Domination Tournament on May 22, 2020 at 5:30 EST Enter for a chance to win a special prize and become Dominating Champions! Click the link to register and for more Information --> https://aka.ms/5v5HD