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cold war

  1. Fidelity Esports

    Multi Looking for EU casual & competitive players (Fidelity Esports)

    ⚡️Welcome to Fidelity Esports ⚡️ Fidelity Esports is a professional esports organisation based in the United Kingdom. In its first two years, Fidelity Esports competed in multiple esports events in Call of Duty, obtaining sponsorships from various 3rd parties. Fidelity Esports is an...
  2. M

    50+ GB Update!? What's New?

    Saw an insanely huge update for both Cold War and Warzone. CoD is notorious for adding/changing stuff in the game and not including it in the patch notes, so what have you guys noticed new so far, especially in Warzone?
  3. X

    Zombies = Crash PS4..

    Hey guys, I’ve have had Cold War for about a month now and every time I play Firebase Z, my playstation will tend to crash on low rounds and high rounds? My playstation doesn’t over heat, the memory is no where near full. anyone got any suggestions on why this could be happening?
  4. ElCucuy928

    Multi Join my Gaming community (SRG) We are active!!

    Whats up peeps! Join (SRG) Scarlet Reapers Gaming! We are super active in Cold War, Modern Warfare, Apex, Minecraft, Roblox & Rocket League. Im in charge of the Cold War Division which is Grim Reapers! We play a lot of Team Death match, Search & Destroy and League. We are very active and have...
  5. O

    Multi Call of Duty Bad Boyz is Recruiting!

    Greetings gamers! Clan Call of Duty Bad Boyz (clan tag CD-BB) is recruiting active players for PS4 and cross-platform play. We play everyday, there is normally at least one leader online, and we like to promote from within. Some of us have been gaming together for 20 years. Yes, a few of us are...
  6. Drdeathgamingx


    Hey everyone! I stream cold war (league grinding) Monday through Friday! If you want to join a chill community follow me @ View: https://www.twitch.tv/drdeathgamingx Member of ESG (Elite Scythe Gaming)
  7. R

    Multi Looking for clan

    Hello, I’m looking for clan/guild or whatever it’s called I have some specific guidelines however, I only want to play with a small group of people who play a lot Want people who are genuinely good at the game and mature I was in top 5% worldwide on mw3 at the start of season 5 when I quit...
  8. R

    "Fatal Error" Zombies

    Hi all. I keep getting a Fatal Error message at random times when playing any Zombies map, sometimes right at the start. This is the error message I keep getting: Unfortunately, the application has unexpectedly stopped working. Trying a 'Scan and Repair' might solve the issue If the problem...
  9. K

    Frame drops in PC

    hello, ive been playing BOCW free access since few days ago and the experience has not been good. the frame drops every few seconds and it drops again almost everytime im aiming at opponents. im quite certain that my laptop can run this game steadily at least 35fps at low settings, but no matter...
  10. R

    Twitch please come and have a chat with me!

    Hey guys I hope you don’t mind me posting this but I’m looking to try and meet some new people on my twitch platform. I play Cold War mainly play dead Ops arcade but I’ve also started to stream a lot of multiplayer too. Tonight I am streaming multiplayer 60+kills. Im not looking for people to...
  11. S

    Xbox Live Clan Recruitment

    Revelation Theory is looking for active members to join our Discord! We are a Destiny 2 based server with other games involved such as Division 2 and Cold War, Halo and others. We are a chill community that is LGBTQ+ friendly from America to England and everywhere in-between. We are a community...
  12. O

    Multi Looking for a clan

    I am a 20y old player who has a passion for sniping and competetive, what clan am i looking? I search a casual clan for sniping or a competetive for GB or other... want to know more? Contact me, Greetz, OhShadelogy
  13. CoDDev_d3part

    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: L96 Tundra Ashwood Sniping Edit

  14. CastingCouch RV

    Multi [RGL] Redemption Gaming Live- Looking For Members!

    Hello everyone! Redemption Gaming Live is currently looking for new members for our Call of Duty clan RGL Redemption. We are an active community that supports various platforms and games and boasts 200+ members across all 11 of our clans. Our community utilizes both our website...
  15. R

    Multi Recruiting for Faded Gaming!

    Hey guys! I’d like to invite you to join our discord server, Faded Gaming! We’re a mixed Call of Duty clan, with a regiment in game☺️ • Ability is varied, from beginner all the way up to the most skilled players (in all game modes), so you’re sure to find people at a similar level to you. Our...
  16. M

    Cold War XP LOBBY - Unlimited XP! Camo Lobby (Dark Aether) Best Prices!

    COLD WAR XP/CAMO LOBBY BOOSTING (PC/XBOX/PS4) Custom prices to match what you want to receive! We have many features, such as: - Unlimited Ammo - Unlimited points - Rapid fire - Timescale of your choice - Flash speed - Godmode - Instant kill on 24/7 - Always Headshots - Zombies to...
  17. C

    Connection issues with Cod Cold War

    Hello, I have connection issues with call of duty cold war. I linked my account and my ports are open. I'm playing on PC. The error code is: ABC, - E....(and so on) and Negative 345 Blazing Gator. Thanks for help. With best regards.
  18. F4Z1N

    PSN Need a clan

    Hello, i am a call of duty gamer (18 years old) that has been playing call of duty for a couple of years now. I play call of duty on the PlayStation 4, and i am looking for a clan that can build up my socials (Youtube/instagram), I wouldn’t say that i am the best player in the world but i am not...
  19. F4Z1N

    PSN In need of a clan

    Hello, i am a call of duty gamer that has been playing call of duty for a couple of years now. I play call of duty on the PlayStation 4, and i am looking for a clan that can build up my socials (Youtube/instagram), I wouldn’t say that i am the best player in the world but i am not bad. So if...
  20. S

    Multi Maverick Gaming

    Maverick Gaming is currently recruiting. we are looking for a positive people to make a impact in our gaming community. we are based out of discord, all ages welcome, we are multi platform and we are a new clan. we encourage anyone to join up with us. feel free to message me on discord my name...