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  1. T

    IW Revisiting MW4 Or Ghosts 2?

    Could IW be returning to its past? https://screenrant.com/call-duty-2019-game/
  2. Reloaded Phenom

    Xbox Live Reloaded Nation is Recruiting

    The Name is Chris aka Phenom and I am the Leader of Reloaded Nation (RDN) we are currently in phase one of are recruitment process and are looking for members who are ready to hit the battlefield and do whatever it takes to complete the mission (the battle). You will be required to be 18+ to...
  3. T

    The Beast From Beyond

    The final piece of DLC for Infinite Warfare has been announced and will soon have early release on PS4. In it, the final zombies map, The Beast From Beyond, is shown. It takes place on the Europa spaceport base, and crosses over with the Extinction mode from Ghosts, in that the alien creatures...
  4. T

    Xbox Live Ghosts Now Backwards Compatible!

    As of today, Call of Duty: Ghosts is now officially backwards compatible for the Xbox One. This leaves only Classic and the Modern Warfare trilogy as the only ones not yet compatible.
  5. G

    Xbox Live Guerrilla Gamers - Recruiting NOW

    Welcome to Guerrilla Gamers Community. GGC IS a brand new community, it was founded February 2017. We broke off from a much larger community with the hopes of creating a friendly environment where all gamers can play, be competitive, and have fun. We are active on the XBOX One and we Play Call...
  6. C

    PC DS4 Controller not working, please help

    I'm trying to play CoD Ghosts with my DS4 controller (Normally prefer M+KB but extinction on the couch is more comfy) however despite the game having controller support I am not able to get it to work t all. I have used both InputMapper and DS4Windows, and have tried both with and without...
  7. T

    Do Remasters Kill Backwards Compatibility and/or vice versa?

    This is a very simple question I'm posting here. What effect does making a game backwards compatible have on the success of a remastered game, and vice versa. Do these things have to be mutually exclusive? This question is posed based on the news of the remastered set of BioShock The...
  8. T

    Xbox Live Xbox One backwards compatibility titles

    Obviously, like many Xbox users, I've been following the progress of the Xbox One backwards compatibility program with bated breath, and been a bit upset at how slow the progress has been going. That said, it was nice when they finally got around to making Black Ops 1 compatible. But, what about...
  9. T

    Multi What could have been done to improve the game?

    Ghosts was a very solid game, quite well done. Of course, I have the Xbox 360 version, so I wasn't plagued with the buggy moments. (Also, there's no real difference between it and Xbox One texture-wise, so it would make sense if the game is part of the backwards compatibility program. I hope...
  10. J

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