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recruiting now

  1. Team ACE

    Multi ℂ ℝ

    ┏╋━━━━◥◣◆◢◤ ━━━━╋┓ ℂ ℝ ┗╋━━━━◥◣◆◢◤ ━━━━╋┛ ℕ ℂ ℍ 550+ , . ℂ ℙ ℍ ℕ ℝℚℝℕ ℂ, ℍ, ℍ ℝ ℂ . 114 ℂ 99 ℙ 100 ℙ 95 ℙ 86 ℝ ℙ 7 ℂ ℂ a 18 ℍ , ℂ , ℍ ℂ ℕ- . https://discord.gg/teamace
  2. S

    Multi Recruiting Now!

    Hello! Darkhorse Nation is recruiting now for COD CW:BO clan members! We just started on Discord. Anyone interested, join here: https://discord.gg/FSC9QBwN54
  3. DrCyn

    Multi Subversive Gaming Network - Recruiting members and Clans

    Hi Everyone, Subversive Gaming Network is a gaming community and network of gaming communities that offers a new gaming experience to members in both the core community and our partners attached to the network. We play a variety of games, and we recruit clans to be part of the network so our...
  4. KateeBeexo

    Multi COD: Recruiting Players for Korruption20

    Hey, I’m co owner of the clan Korruption20 who are a new COD clan looking for players! We are a chilled friendly clan who play Call of Duty on multiple platforms but mainly built with Xbox and PlayStation players. We welcome people of all ages, countries and backgrounds to join us and not...
  5. Dark_Preed

    PSN Clan Recruitment 2018 | COD Engage PS4

    Looking for a community that you can kick back and relax with? You found it. Wanna play competitive GB's or UMG on your sweaty days? We have it! COD Engage is social community for the general and serious gamers of WWII. We host full parties of 6 pub stomp sessions, and 4v4 GB matches. Message...
  6. Parcs

    Xbox Live | Culture Sniping Recruitment | [Twitter] @Cultureuprise

    Culture sniping was founded march 2016 and was heavily supported by Soar Crude, and many other higher up players in the sniping community. We are looking for feeders who want the freedom to enjoy what they love without being given a goal to meet every week, but push themselves as well as other...
  7. A

    Multi Join Onyx editing team!

    What's good guys! My name is Onyx Alchemi and i am one of the leaders of Onyx editing team! We are a editing community among a bunch of talented editors. We make edits and post them on youtube. We are newly formed and are looking for editors. People can edit and submit their video too us and we...
  8. M

    PSN TriBeZz Recruiting now

    TriBeZz Clan is recruiting now! We are a pretty laid back team, you dont have to play everyday if you dont want we understand people have lives but we do ask for you to be on some of the time. We are looking for snipers and trickshotters right now. If youre a sniper you need at least one clip...