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Angels of Death


  1. T

    Multi New Clan Looking for Affiliates

    We are a growing clan with high potential and ambition. We post content and play professionally in tournaments. We are looking for members to join on as affiliate content creators and just play with us. DM us on Instagram @realteamsync or reply here and we will try to respond!
  2. N

    new pc 800-900fps private game bo2 cant be truth ?!

    mw is fine now 300-max 350 fps...but in bo2 multiplayer works with normal 200fps and privat game stuttering and jump keybind sometimes not work and slowmotion sometimes why ? what is wrong ? what is wrong with my new pc ? and csgo some rounds i die bader than with old pc and 60 hz ^^but all...
  3. V

    Warzone lags since season 4

    I have been playing Warzone on PC at the highest graphics settings for several months. For some reason I can only play on medium settings. I still have over 130 FPS but it just feels strange when I play high. I have to play on medium to make it feel good. Does anyone else have the problem? Is...
  4. C

    PSN Looking for Clan

    My brother and i play together and would like to have more people to play with. i dont talk all that much but we both have working mics. not that best player by far so looking for more casual.. i like mp with the game or 2 of warzone from time to time. brother likes warzone over mp but will play...
  5. X

    Multi [PS4/XBOX/PC] [All Regions] Cortex is recruiting new members!

    Welcome to Cortex. Who We Are: Cortex is a close-knit, professional, and highly organised international multi-gaming family/community. We are highly active, treat people equally, and welcome all walks of life be that casual or competitive, we have the experience to aid you in the gaming...
  6. Mike assassin


    Progression vid from Lvl 1 of the Rytec AMR through to Lvl 31, how does it improve and can it be used as a good QS option..?
  7. Z

    Lost game mode - Warzone

    I picked up Warzone last weekend as something to kill some time (Not a serious gamer by any stretch). My favourite mode was the one with unlimited respawn and first to 400 kills but the update yesterday seems to have removed that. Am I missing something?
  8. Y

    COD WARZONE HIGHLIGHTS! - Epic Fail, Win & Troll Moments #2

    View: https://www.youtube.com/embed/uDLntAZg-8A Call of Duty Warzone highlights with the most epic fail, win & troll moments - episode #2. Call of Duty Warzone is a massive combat experience with up to 150 players from the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and is free-to-play for everyone.
  9. Chancewell

    Multi Adapt Team is Recruiting!

    We are a call of duty team based on every platform and we capitalize in warzone for the most part. We are looking for more players to join us to form an active community of non-toxic friends to play with. We do have a discord server setup and are looking for mods as well. There’s just under 10...
  10. robethang

    Call Of Duty: Warzone Highlight & Funny Moments 24H

    If you like it please give 1 like and subscribe. Thanks!!!
  11. M

    Modern Warfare PC glitching every few seconds bug

    Hi everyone, Ever since the season 4 update, I have experienced major performance issues. Whenever I load up MW, it starts to glitch every few seconds (video and audio) and it doesn't stop. Whenever it does, it says it is packet loss, but I recently turned on the packet loss view setting and it...
  12. S

    Warzone Saison 4 [FR]

    Salut à tous, Skunk0s 27 ans Je viens de créer une chaine Twitch où je stream sur Warzone, donc si vous voulez venir jeter un coup et voir à quoi ressemble le gameplay sur la saison 4 n'hésitez pas ;) Et si vous avez des remarques constructives à me faire pour améliorer ma chaine, je suis...
  13. G

    Multi Looking for All Female Squad

    Here to break the stereotype that females cant play video games! Join me in getting dubs in the warzone.
  14. M

    WarZone empty space !!

    Hi .... Im new to WarZone, after landing i keep walking for a long time without seeing anyone, is that normal !! So my question is where are my enemies?? Second question is after landing with my squad everyone goes in a direction, how can i find my squad later ? Thanks .....
  15. 0

    Found COD Warzone Cheats / Aimbot, Crosshair, Wallhack, Speed/Jump Hack, 1 Hit 1 Kill

    hi there, i know it's not the big deal, but i found something nice to play around and wanna share with the community, otherwise it's really unfair hehehe maybe one of you will enjoy trolling around a bit :p have fun
  16. W

    PSN Looking to build a team

    A friend and I are looking to get a little more competitive in Warzone and as such we need to build a reliable team. We just need 1 or 2 other people. We aren't asking for absolute top notch players seeing as we aren't exactly top tier players either. On the same note, inexperienced players...
  17. G

    Multi Organising a Warzone Tournament / Tournoi Warzone

    Tournament Name: QUO Rules Date: 30 May 2020 Mode: Warzone BR Quad - Public Team up with someone for a duo in a QUAD Name your duo Points: The Duo scoring most of the points wins the tournament Last Duo surviving (or one person of the duo): 10 points 1 kill: 5 points All duos of the tournment...
  18. W

    PSN Anyone wants to play PSN Clique845

    Come play with me I stream also 845Klan is my twitch !!!!!
  19. Jiggins

    Warzone Gulag (Video Essay)

    Warzone is initially another typical Battle Royale. Call of Duty has done this numerous times, being influenced by other successful games and creating their own mediocre take on it. However, Warzone holds an innovation that suggests that Infinity Ward still has what it takes to lead, and not...
  20. G

    COD Warzone Battle Pass

    I am new to COD and wanted a quick start so I purchased the Battle Pass. Question is where is the stuff? I also tried to do a load out and picked a HAL and it said I had to be level 11. I thought that the Battle Pass gave me levels up thru 20. I seen where my rank is level 6, is that where I...