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  1. C

    Dark Aether | HARD UNLOCK For All Weapons

    Dark Aether (Limited Time Offer) Join My Discord For Speedy Service: https://discord.gg/NjGAAx26tv - All Zombie Camos Hard Unlocked - Transfers Onto Warzone - Hosted In Cold War Zombies (No Recovery Needed) - Dark Aether, Plague Diamond, Golden Viper On Every Weapon Hi, I'm currently hosting...
  2. X

    In Game GPU Temp Reading HIGH!

    I have a 6800 XT that was registering in game overlay GPU temp around 70° but never went above 80° even if my space heater cooked me a little. Now my in game overlay hits 90° - 100° in a matter of a minute or two from a cold start unless I keep it cold in the room, then it takes like five...
  3. P

    are Warzone 2.0 and MWII separate from each other

    Hi, as You know MWII is coming and along with It the new WZ is coming as well, my concern is in order to play MWII Itself we need to have WZ 2.0 installed much like MW 2019 needs WZ in order to be played. Does anybody know anything about this?
  4. Z

    Game is so dark

    Hello guys, i've got problem that my game is so dark. When i try to duel with someone in any house or any dark location, there is terrible visibility, most of the duels am loosing, beacuse i do not see enemy's model. I am not using Nvidia filters. In game, brightness is on 55. Nvidia control...
  5. P

    Warzone Game chat not working

    Can anybody help, I'm playing on xbox one and my game chat isn't working. I can hear everyone who's in my party but no-one in game. My chat settings is on enable and still not working
  6. Logan Walker

    Xbox Live Ever thought of a Military like cod Ghosts clan?

    Have you ever thought of A military like COD Ghosts clan? I have. And I personally Invite you to it. Also, My username is: Alex Mason#3305980 Training for the ghost team will last until April 16th, 2022. Please tell me what role you want and what team by DMing me on Xbox. About the ghosts: We...
  7. A

    Multi BlitZ

    Join my clan by clicking the discord link https://discord.gg/rUuqUW43 that will take you to my discord fill out the tryout form and we can get you startedwe also will have tournament in the future so if you’re interested let me know
  8. I

    PC [EU][NA][PC] Community starting with warzone! LF people!

    Whatsup people who read this, Desperate for people to play with? Desperate to find people every day? NO MOREE!!!! I m part of a very big community that is starting a division for cod/warzone! Ofcourse a community and its divisions are worthless without members and people that keep it alive and...
  9. C

    GPU Timing issues

    I have a RTX 3070 and i7-10700. When drop into Warzone my GPU time goes from around 7 ms to 996 instantly and I freeze. Frames from to single digits. Anyone know a fix for this problem? I have reverted drivers. Dropped all my settings down, Uninstalled an reinstalled. This only happens in...
  10. CountableDread7

    Multi Tactical Gaming [TG] is Recruiting

    JOIN TACTICAL GAMING! Do you want to join a fun and competitive clan? Looking for a well-organized, established group of gamers? Look no further than Tactical Gaming. We have over 2000+ members across the globe and support XB1/ XB Series S, PC, and PS4/PS5 (Crossplay) for COD ColdWar. We also...
  11. G

    Multi Looking for experienced warzone players adults only

    Hi I'm looking for experienced warzone players adults only and preferably UK only must be serious and know the rules thanks
  12. E

    My YT for sick WARZONE clipz. Any views or subs are much appreciated

    YouTube link
  13. K

    HELP - Only allows me to play one first game then gets stuck

    Hi, I'm new to Warzone and tried playing yesterday and it only allowed me to play one game then I got stuck on Searching for a match < 350ms ping - I googled this and it said I may be shadowbanned or banned for cheating and it takes 5 - 7 days to lift/review? However, I just made a new account...
  14. W

    Mouse stuttering/lag

    Hi everyone, For a long time now I have had an issue where my mouse will stutter/lag whenever I try to look around. It ends up making me turn really slowly and inconsistently at times. This doesn't happen in any other games, just Warzone, and my PC's specs are way above the recommended. I have...
  15. S

    Multi Looking for friendly active Warzone / Vanguard Clan - PC Gamer (UK)

    Hello, My name is Stuart and I'm from the UK, I am 37 years old and I'm looking for a friendly Warzone / Vanguard Clan. After a recent break from gaming and COD I have returned. I recently built a PC and I've just started playing Warzone again today and I'm also looking forward to the release...
  16. Infinitewarhead

    Console player youtube channel

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X7X6rBSPAI0&t=13s
  17. B

    Warzone server selection

    Hi, I found this app on youtube which allows you to control which server you want to play on. I am using it for a while and it even sometimes helps with getting easy lobbies.
  18. D

    disconnection issue

    i really need help with this ever since the season 5 update i havent been able to play warzone because it disconnects me every single time i start the time either saying error code BZNB with a bunch of numbers on the end or ujst saying cant connect. ive tried everything i can think of, re...
  19. T

    Warzone unplayable in 240hz? Help needed! TIA

    Hey, I am hoping someone will be able to help me with this. I have been playing warzone fine on 144hz at fps between 100-140. I have now upgraded to a 240hz monitor, the aoc C27G2ZU curved. Now everytime I load into a pre match lobby my fps will drop to an unplayable a out less than 15fps and...
  20. D

    WARZONE IS SO BROKEN?! Hackers do not even have to do anything at this point......

    LINK TO VIDEO: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHmu5VvnSWk&t=68s who else agrees that warzone, call of duty is on its dying legs at this point.... plz watch this new video I released. I'm not hating, talking bad or anything about call of duty or warzone but man its really hard to like...