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  1. N

    Multi Warzone Tournament! Cash Prize!!

    Tournament 13 I Dates: November 29th - December 1st Starts 3:00 PM November 29th Ends 11:59 PM December 1st 1. $15 entree fee sent to $Tournament13 (Only players that paid this entree fee will be considered entered). 2. Must have cashapp to enter and receive cash prize in the event that...
  2. A

    Best ghillie suit in warzone?

    Hello, I would like to try some paid skin/ghillie in warzone. Whats the best...in the open? I really like wetland protection/bog demon/beyond the pale and asanbosan bundle. which is the best? Thanks
  3. T

    Multi EGS-Eclipse Gaming Syndicate

    Hey, Eclipse Gaming Syndicate is looking for new people to join our community. We are a multi console community (Xbox,PS and PC) that has been around for over 2 years. We do not ask for K/D or anything like that as that's not important, Our only requirements are to be 15+,have a mic and discord...
  4. D

    Black Ops Cold War Stream At Launch

    Hi I'm a new streamer on twitch DeekzDK playing on ps4 all kinds of games really shooting, driving, rpg and platform games I have a YouTube channel too Deekz DK https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6C0iXv2aG8pF3lbbBJIvvA Recently started uploading but there will be alot of good videos to come so...
  5. Zorgmustkill

    Multi Dirty Grenadiers

    If your looking for a fun clan to play in and don't mind a group of parents with sailor mouths then Dirty Grenadiers is the clan for you. We game pretty much daily and are looking to build our clan. We are a bunch of old school players from modern wardaee 2 with a couple from the original call...
  6. W

    My youtube channel

    Hi Guys, I created new channel call Warzone Rock'n'roll on youtube. I am sharing my best shots for now but the idea is to share your best shots as well! My email is in youtube videos. This chain is to have some fun and express my modest creative skills.. Cheers, Vince [WRNR] (yes.. only one...
  7. G


    View: https://youtu.be/Cp3o16It9rg Subscribe for more guided videos
  8. O

    Random shooting when put LT xbox

    i sometimes have problems with my controller. when I press the button to aim my weapon (LT button xbox), it starts firing automatically, this sometimes happens, and sometimes it works in the normal way as it should. I don't know why this is my controller? my xbox? or the game? Btw: this is...
  9. S

    Crashing on transitions?

    I've been playing the game for months now on an AMD-580 card and it has worked just fine on top graphics. But ever since October 8th I have trouble crashing on transitions, mostly right after the opening cutscene in warzone when it pans from the back of the plane, or when I try to leave the game...
  10. Voyde

    Multi [Warzone] V1RAL ARE RECRUITING!

    V1RAL Who are we? We are a Call of Duty: Warzone Regiment known as V1RAL. We are a small group of players who are among the top percentages of the rankings. We strive to be one of the top competitive Regiments in Warzone. We have players from all over the globe, from all different...
  11. SamimSupreme

    Warzone: R9 DB vs Origin 12 (Season 6)

    View: https://youtu.be/a0li-DXdZrw
  12. B

    Call Of Duty MW 2019 and games questionnaire for assignment [REALLY NEED HELP RESPONSES NEEDED]

    Questionnaire: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2tfaoVvMFzyDcorIYKmHCuA5DkcONC8220QdxiTMywLVVRQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Hey, gamers! I am a massive fan of the call of duty series and love this community! It would mean a lot to me if you could fill out this short questionnaire on Call...
  13. W

    PSN Looking for active players!!!

    Looking for active players to play with. I’m a dad in my late 20’s and I’m sick of playing with the randos. COD: Warzone Activision gamer tag is whiteknite92 Hit me up saying you saw my thread on here so I know! Let’s get down on some plunder!!
  14. U

    Cool old style warzone fragmovie

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmcGCEgwOec
  15. Voyde

    Multi [WARZONE] 2x EU(UK) PC Players LF Clan / Team - 1.7+kd 100+wins

    We are a duo looking to join a team ready for when Cold War drops. KD is a little low as we started playing Warzone as our first BR, coming from CS:GO and other FPS/Competitive backgrounds. We mostly play with IRL friends but are looking to move onto joining a Team or Clan so we can find...
  16. MajorCrimes99

    Ever thought about being paid to play?

    Hello all, I've come up with an Idea to get paid to play Warzone. If youre interested and can play 1 game a day get in touch. Also looking for people to help transform my spreadsheet into a usable webform. Get in touch
  17. A

    Multi PC/Xbox/PS4 - TraceGaming - Looking For Players

    Trace Gaming Exists To Connect Other Gamers! We have things like Events, Tournaments, Streamers, Gaming News, LFGs, Prizes, Medals, and much more! Before you join, we have some rules you must follow. Rules: No Offensive or Toxic behavior. Reasonable trash talking is allowed; but when asked to...
  18. FBKaBoom

    Cold War Give Away on Facebook Gaming @FBKaBoom

    Hello everyone my name is KaBoom i am streamer on Facebook. I play with Followers on the daily base and doing a give away for my followers and viewers. I am giving away 6 PRE ORDERS FOR Call of Duty Called War for people who join in my stream. You might comment once a week and win a pre order...
  19. HQC4

    COD COLDWAR and WARZONE highlights from KoMA thegrower /KOMA the grower

    Check out some new Cold War scenes and KoMA THEGROWER dying a lot Koma THEGROWER dying in warzone and Cold War clips from game debut
  20. Invictus_pc


    Whats good everyone! Want to earn cash? Want to make history?.. I am currently running a Call of Duty: Warzone Trios Tournament, there is cash prize split between 1/2/3 and also a bonus prize for play of the day! if youre interested and want to know more please message me on here or on instagram...