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New Release says "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Graphics Could Look Like This"


Not sure about this, most of them look pretty realistic but the others still look like Black Ops 2. Maybe they're blending the graphics oddly or it's just my mind playing tricks on me. I still would like to see this game's graphics though. Hopefully they look like the first picture, realistic.


Remember the Battlefield 3 commercial? That wasn't real gameplay either. Shouldn't they be working on Call of Duty, Future Warfare, or something?
With how bad MW3 was, I would wait a while if I got MW4 at all. They wrapped up that story and they did by making a third game that they really didn't need! Anyway, these pictures in the OP look like BO2 images. And the first ones of the people haven't made it out of the uncanny valley yet...

I wish they take more risks and try more new things. BO and BO2 were steps in the right direction. MW2 started good, stayed good or got better depending on your opinion, and then ended up badly. I don't think they need to reboot MW. They need to try something different. How about a highly futuristic CoD? Or a WWI CoD? Take risks and try something different. But with the way people buy crappier CoDs like MW3 I guess there isn't much of an incentive to make better CoDs.
Those are amazing. But I really doubt that these are going to be the graphics when it's actually released. There has just been a history of gaming companies taking previews to extremes (BF3 using PC graphics for consoles) for me to believe them right away.


The graphics ended up being awesome. All of the cod's had really good graphics I think. However it is pretty repetitive gameplay. I think that's why they died out. Still fun don't get me wrong, but it was pretty much the same all the way through.


I agree. Graphics are an essential part of the game, no doubt, but I really think that the repetitive gameplay aspect has caused the game to slide in rating. I think instead of focusing on making the map look absolutely realistic, they should focus on adding aspects of the map that make it exciting.

So what if it is unrealistic that real-life soldiers would jump onto a crane and run to the center and up a building without getting shot. It makes game-play that much more fun to find hidden areas and discover lesser-known areas of a map.


As I've said in another thread, while the gameplay is repetitive, I'm not sure a lot can be done to enhance a FPS. The game is what it is, and I think all they can do is improve the graphics and maybe the storylines. Change the campaigns and enhance the onlide mode.

Even after doing all that, at the end of the day the actual gameplay will never change, like I said, its a FPS, that's essentially all it can ever be.

If it wasn't, then it wouldn't be the COD that we all play and have loved for however many years it been. Let's not call it repetitive, let's call it familiar instead!


I'm pretty confused and disappointed in the poster. First of all, Modern Warfare 4 would likely fail if it came out, as the Modern Warfare franchise has been hated on for years and brought COD a lot of negative vibes. Secondly, Call of Duty MW4 would have to run at 60 fps on the PS4 and Xbox One. These graphics are much too detailed for that to be achievable. Thirdly, If Mw4 is going to look like Black Ops 2, a game from last gen, I wouldn't be too excited for it.


I do think that developers are still struggling to come to terms with the power that the next gen series of consoles have, and are still using outdated programs, especially were the graphics are concerned.

The PS4 and XBOX ONE are quite rightly named next gen consoles for a reason, and I think up to now we haven't seen next gen games to compliment them.

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