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call of duty

  1. xalmightyvon

    Multi Call of Duty Group Recruitment

    What’s going on guys, we’re looking for players to join our resurgence group UP THE SCOE GANG! We are looking for good chemistry and can play aggressive and push on site. We don’t play scary so scary shi we get online daily and love to joke and have fun while dominating. If you feel like this...
  2. D

    Suspension Issue

    I have lost over 1500 SR within the last week for something completely out of my control. Every time I Start a match and it will place me in a lobby, then (I haven't touched anything) it will say "match started." I will wait another minute and all of a sudden the game would then say SUSPENSION...
  3. O

    Xbox Live O.G clan recruiting

    Hi all, me and a few freinds has recently made a clan the O.G clan we play predominantly on MW3 but will branch into other games the bigger we get. All abilities welcome the main thing is to get a decent community together and have fun. I made a forum earlier which is...
  4. H

    Warzone Ex hacked my account - help!

    So I recently split from my ex, he’s managed to hack into my emails and use that to delete my activision account. I’ve tried searching for my activision ID and it says it doesn’t exist, and so my email is no longer attached to it. I found the recovered emails in my deleted emails folder, where...
  5. Society13

    Multi Best Resurgance/Br Clan looking for new members

    Join the best clan Click here for tryouts https://discord.gg/rXtuXtcP View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HAzTuPNEhI?sub_conf
  6. L

    MW 3 Interstellar Mastery Camo Hard Grinding Service - 100% Legit & Trusted!!

    Do you want to unlock the coolest camos for your weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? I offer fast and reliable camo grinding service for any COD game and platform. I have years of experience in CoD boosting and I can help you get any camo you want, from Glided to Intesteller. I...
  7. A

    PC Angels of Death [AOD]

    ABOUT AOD Clan AOD is a mature global gaming community established in 1999, supporting 17+ other games made into divisions. Currently there are over 3,000 ACTIVE members, which means you never have to play alone anymore. We are a relaxed gaming community that would rather have a good time than...
  8. G

    hot mic call of duty III PART 7 - 8

    View: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/IRzw84Ofi1E View: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/tlEchZXsSAM Play Live On PlayStation 5 Welcome To My Channel GIGO2LIKESubscribe Here: https://cutt.ly/rwlp00ljIn this video, I take on the ultimate challenge: using only a knife in Call of Duty: Warzone...
  9. O

    Call of Duty MWIII Info

    PLAYERS PLAYERS PLAYERS NEW INTEL DROPPED BY CALL OF DUTY! This post is to communicate the maps and modes that it's coming with at launch day. Play modes: 3v3v3 Cutthroat: Three teams go head to head . . . to head. First team to reach the round win limit wins. 6v6: - Team Deathmatch: An...
  10. CODForums

    King Queso's 24 Hour Modern Warfare III Livestream

    King Queso is hosting a 24 Hour Livestream with his homies. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4wcQi3eZDg He has a second livestream available for the morning... View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMDf5KI_tGQ
  11. elihanna

    Multi FPS Reignited Community

    Hey everyone! Very new to the forum and the CoD Community, however, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a project I have been working on. I'm very much into the older generation FPS games; Black Ops 1/2/3, Titanfall 1/2, MW2/3, etc, and figured that there is likely many others the enjoy...
  12. OverAndOut


    I am completely done with all of the political nonsense going around, these days. If this is the direction Activision wishes to go, and these are the kinds of partners Activision wants, I am completely done with Activision and Call of Duty. I stopped buying Battlefield, and now it looks like I...
  13. DefinitiveReaper

    Multi DefintiveGG call of duty clan looking new members

    Definitive Gaming Group (DGG) is an 18+ casual/competitive gaming community. We have decided to open up with the goal of creating a community where gamers always have someone to game, and chat with, no matter what time of day. If a game you play is not already featured in the DGG Community, I...
  14. W

    Multi Recruiting new Cod players

    Welcome to Invicta! We are a social community that mainly focusing on gaming but we always prioritise having fun together! We plan to keep growing as a cosy gaming community and we need your help to do so. If you/your friends are following the rules, you are all welcome to share your journey...
  15. Pookie98

    Multi Join Our Warzone 2 Custom Private Match

    Come Join Our Warzone 2 Custom Private Match. To join Click The Discord Link On My YouTube Channel https://youtube.com/@Pookie98 Tournaments Will be Coming Soon!
  16. S

    PC Looking for an active clan that does Competitive

    21 yo from the UK. I'm an above average player looking to play comp within the clan or outside. I run a SMG and available almost everyday. Discord: Siam#0774
  17. rG PO1NTL3SS WL

    Multi Rapture Gaming

    My name is rG PO1NTL3SS WL I'm one of the leaders of Rapture Gaming and we are looking for gamers! We are an organized friendly community that prides itself on providing a fun, safe and mature environment for it's members. rG has forums, game nights, tournaments and much much more. Bottom line...
  18. B

    Warzone 2.0 Nuke Carry Service

    If anyone is interested in paid Nuke runs, feel free to DM me on Twitter or any of my socials, @BonqTTV. To save time for us both, the cost is split between 3/4 people so we charge hundreds of dollars. If you’re interested let me know! Unlockables include: skin, emblem, calling card, weapon...
  19. GodHandHQ

    Multi GodHand Gaming | Esports Organization

    GodHandGG is a recently established Call of Duty organization that was created with a mission to provide a safe, fun, and relaxed environment for all gamers looking to just enjoy themselves. The Ultimate Goal of GodHandGG is to not only provide a safe place for its members & teams to thrive...
  20. M

    Multi Looking for clan (EU)

    Hi looking for a EU based Community to play CoD with and maybe play professionally?