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call of duty

  1. GodHandHQ

    Multi GodHand Gaming | Esports Organization

    GodHandGG is a recently established Call of Duty organization that was created with a mission to provide a safe, fun, and relaxed environment for all gamers looking to just enjoy themselves. The Ultimate Goal of GodHandGG is to not only provide a safe place for its members & teams to thrive...
  2. M

    Multi Looking for clan (EU)

    Hi looking for a EU based Community to play CoD with and maybe play professionally?
  3. W

    Multi Invicta is recruiting

    Welcome to Invicta! We are a social community that mainly focusing on gaming but we always prioritise having fun together! We plan to keep growing as a cosy gaming community and we need your help to do so. If you/your friends are following the rules, you are all welcome to share your journey...
  4. Carlos

    Introducing Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0!

    Activision is preparing to release Call of Duty's free-to-play Warzone 2.0 on November 16, 2022. Today, Activision released the launch trailer for Warzone 2.0, it is action-packed, high-octane, and full of crazy stunts you can do in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0... View...
  5. W

    Conseils sur Call Of Duty en Live sur Twitch

    Salut à toutes et à tous c'est Weisp ! Je joue a Call Of Duty depuis très longtemps, j'ai commencé à jouer sur Xbox a MW2 (2009), puis je suis passé par Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2. J’ai ensuite fait une longue pose de la licence pour jouer a d'autre FPS et je suis revenue avec MW...
  6. Carlos

    CarlosX360 has been playing Call of Duty: Warzone since the beginning

    Call of Duty: Warzone is available as this thread is being posted, and Warzone 2.0 is set to be released November 16, 2022. If you've been playing Call of Duty Warzone since day one, like CarlosX360 did... your stats are calculated into a video. I don't know how they did this, but it was...
  7. K

    [PC] Lost Campaign Progress - COD Cold War (request for save-game file)

    I lost my campaign progress in COD Cold War, and I don't want to play from the start as I already completed 50% of my campaign mode. Is someone willing to share their PC campaign-completed save game file? I want to play the remaining missions instead of starting from the beginning. Thank you!
  8. Carlos

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is HERE!

    Activision and Infinity Ward has officially released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC via Battle.net and Steam. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available worldwide as we speak. To coincide with the launch, Activision and...
  9. Carlos

    CarlosX360 unboxes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (Unboxing)

    I, CarlosX360 have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II for PlayStation 4/5, it's the Cross Gen Edition. Learn what comes with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Cross Gen Edition... View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq8X85tV8uE
  10. CODForums

    King Queso's 24 Hour Modern Warfare II Livestream

    King Queso is hosting a 24 Hour Livestream with his homies. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMukcVq2E1M
  11. BadParentGaming

    What's more Fun than an old married couple playing Warzone together? Find out on our Youtube Channel

    Our channel is called Bad Parent Gaming. We don't take ourselves too serious and we like to stream and post videos on Youtube. 250+ Warzone Wins & 17,000+ kills with a 1.5%KD. Check us out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeYdTVbsfa4UxApsXLxo-jw
  12. S

    YouTube Channel

    Guys, I created a channel where I will upload interesting videos about old and new Call of Duty . Please , support me . If you like the video please like it and subscribe) Thanks There are only 2 videos : 1) WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE ORDERS OF COMMISSIONER LETLEV IN Call Of Duty 2...
  13. P

    Call Of Duty - Vanguard - Zombies - Shi No Numa Boss Fight & Completion

    Call Of Duty - Vanguard - Zombies - Shi No Numa Boss Fight & Completion https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1620664402 If anyone needs help, with SHI NO NUMA or ARCHON EE & Boss HMU Punisher#14465 (BattleTag/Battle Net) Punisher#9036160 (Activision ID)
  14. Carlos

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Launch Gameplay Trailer

    Activision and Infinity Ward released a new trailer to YouTube, meant to be a advertisement for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. It's a launch gameplay trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II... View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeVapCrI1pY
  15. E

    Multi Eclipse Gaming Syndicate

    Hello there potential recruit, Are you tired of being judged for your game skill? Have you ever wanted a community that you can game with no matter what? Well here at Eclipse Gaming Syndicate, we want to create an atmosphere that allows you to do just that. We are still very new and are trying...
  16. SlayahFPS

    Multi RySe Gaming

    RYSE GAMING RECRUITING NOW! Hello, My name is Brandon aka RySe Slayah I am overall owner & founder of RySe Gaming. We are looking motivated & dedicated players to join our community. RySe Gaming was founded last year in 2021, since we opened our doors, we have got up to 60+ members and...
  17. Carlos

    New Modern Warfare II pre-order is exclusive to PlayStation consoles

    Activision and Infinity Ward says: Pre-order Modern Warfare 2 through the PlayStation Store secure the exclusive Operator: Hiro "Oni" Watanabe on day one, stocked with a high-level Weapon Blueprint. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEgoo02QEqc
  18. Carlos

    Infinity Ward reveals Modern Warfare II Multiplayer and Warzone 2.0

    Activision and Infinity Ward hosted an event that is currently being livestreamed. Call of Duty Next revealed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II's Multiplayer and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. Activision and Infinity Ward revealed more information about both Modern Warfare II's multiplayer mode, and...
  19. CODForums

    Infinity Ward introduces Gunsmith 2.0

    Activision and Infinity Ward released a video explaining the new Gunsmith 2.0 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (and beyond, because Activision said they want the engine to be used universally going forward). Infinity Ward explains how the new Gunsmith works. Gunsmith 2.0 allows you to modify...
  20. Carlos

    Pre-Order Modern Warfare II early, get MWII Campaign early

    Activision and Infinity Ward announced a new pre-order bonus for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. That pre-order bonus is an early access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II's Story Campaign. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2022. The trailer estimates...