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  1. A

    Can't Play Zombies! Game Crashes

    Hello, I have an issue regarding cold war PC zombies, when I try to load into a game a message saying the game crashes appears, this doesn't happen on cod cold war multiplayer. The error is this: What can I do? I have the latest graphic card software Thank you
  2. M

    Cod Vanguard Travando no PS4 Slim

    Situação do COD Vanguard no modo Multiplayer travando no PS4 Slim. Seja depois de alguma partida, durante uma cutscene, ou durante uma partida. Situação ja reportada a Activision e Já respondida, porem AINDA Não resolvida. Mais alguem com o mesmo problema?
  3. N

    DevError 6661

    Ever seince Season4 i have started to get this crashes with a DevError6661. It happens at least every 10th game without warning. One time i have got Disc read error [3.1]. I cant find any solution online other then re install the game. Tried it and it didnt work. All though it looks like im not...
  4. KerstmanPowerr

    Lag, Freezes, and Crashes make the game unplayable

    I bought Cod Cold War almost 2 weeks ago and was able to play it perfectly fine for about a week with the exception of the occasional UI error but other than that no complaints. Until suddenly about a week ago I launch the game and it takes a long time to load and is very laggy as are the menus...
  5. I

    Kicked from game while playing in party (PC) Error: BLZBNTBGS000003F8

    Hi Everyone, I got Cold War on PC through Battle net the other day and everything was going fine until I played multiplayer with my brother. He's on xbox, im on pc, same house, same internet (Not an issue for other games). Often (Not always) but very often when i play Cold War with him, I get...
  6. S

    Crashing on transitions?

    I've been playing the game for months now on an AMD-580 card and it has worked just fine on top graphics. But ever since October 8th I have trouble crashing on transitions, mostly right after the opening cutscene in warzone when it pans from the back of the plane, or when I try to leave the game...
  7. T

    Your game did not shut down properly during your last session, would you like to start in Safe Mode?

    When I was first able to press play I was hoping for the best, instead a message popped up saying "Your game did not shut down properly during your last session, would you like to start in Safe Mode?" I then chose no, and it launched for a quarter of a second and closed itself. I tried this...