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new clan

  1. M

    Multi Marianas Gaming Looking for more now!

    Marianas Gaming is looking for individuals to join the growing community! We need all hands on deck to take this sub to the deepest darkest depths! What we are: 18+ with no leeway of budging Looking for the person and not the skill level Have ALL skill levels and ranges Not focused on solely 3...
  2. M

    Multi New modern warfare clan -kdpro

    we are a brand new clan but I been playing cod for 4 years are tag is kdpro and we play on the newest cod games -modern warfare Are discord Discord - kdpro we welcome you guys also here the forums for joining - To join click And yea best of luck. Btw I live in Canada and I’m 14 and I play 1 to...
  3. KingVibez

    PSN Starting new YouTube Gaming Clan

    Hello everybody, I am starting a new clan called Royalty and I am starting to recruit for it. We are going to be making monthly team-tages and posting videos as a clan. I am recruiting trick shotters mainly but not explicitly. I am looking for players who play any call of duty game but mainly...
  4. F

    Xbox Live Shoot2Win (STW) Recruitment (Xbox One)

    Hey, my name is Raidz and I started a small CoD WW2/GTA V/Fortnite clan called "Shoot2Win" or "STW" for short. I am the Leader of the clan. We are recruiting new members that play one of those three games listed above. Some of the criteria for the clan includes: you must have an xbox one, be at...
  5. E

    Xbox Live New clan: Recruiting 3 spots

    I have started the clan (MeW) And currently I am looking for 3 new rectuits to start. Unfortunetly due to my financial state I CANNOT afford Xbox gold at the moment. but soon the cash will be flowing so I can see your skills personally. I am highly qualified as a clan chief due to my experience...
  6. T

    Multi NRG Clan recruiting

    No Resistance Gaming (NRG) is a newly founded community that is looking to build a safe structured community for all gamers. We have a ranking structure that will help develop your leadership skills as well as challenging yourself to achieve your goals. We have squads for one game each. So you...
  7. SavG Frosty

    Xbox Live SavG Clan Recruitment!

    Hey everyone! SavG Clan here, We are a new clan who has just started it's journey on becoming a great team, we are mainly a Black ops 2 Sniping Clan but BO1/MW2/Next Gen is all acceptable if you would all like to see the RC Video via link: View...
  8. C

    Multi Hoax is RECRUITING !

    Looking for a clan? look no further, Hoax is recruiting NOW! message @HoaxDivision on twitter to join, were looking for -Trickshotters -Snipers -GFX -VFX
  9. C

    PSN New clan team distortion recruiting

    Hey guys anyone interested in making a clan with me just for fun if you are let me know Also I am starting a youtube channel so I would appreciate if you guys could give me like tips just gonna go it for fun. Tips like how to merge both game noise and actual background music
  10. N

    PSN New IW Clan Small but Growing (KobK)

    Hey guys! We're a small clan named Kill Or Be Killed looking to expand. First and foremost, we require you to be 18 or older, as we are all adults (for the most part). Typically we play IW Hc-kc but we mix it up as well... Now, into the good stuff (and I don't mean me ). We're pretty...
  11. O

    Xbox Live Order is Now Recruiting for infinite warfare pro team!!

    XBOX LIVE we are looking for a pro team with good players, its for xbox one only and u most have an 0.80 K/D up to try out. a simple 1 v 1 is all it will take to see if your qualified. once in the clan all we ask is to stay active and be there when there is a tournament. name change will happen...
  12. H

    Xbox Live HoPe Clan Recruitment

    HoPe Clan was established over two years ago. We take pride in being a place where members can have fun and also be in a competitive environment. Currently, a lot of our members have been switching over to different games, Overwatch, Battlefield, Halo, etc. and we are looking to take in new...
  13. RabidGamer420

    Xbox Live [ANOM] Aka Anonymous xbox 360 based clan needing recruits

    [ANOM] is in Search of Active, Committed and Players Seeking Cash and Xbox Market Place Rewards For Their Statistics Monthly. Message me (Founder/Leader) Directly on Xbox 360, or on here to gather details for entry details (Clan Tags) and include your interest and goals that you have with out...
  14. I

    Multi Cyan Uproar | PS3 And Xbox 360 Clan| Editors And Players Needed

    CYAN UPROAR RC ACTIVE Watch This Video For More Info View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoxf6eUubVk
  15. TenSioN Doodle

    My New Montage! Please subscribe and like!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pTUyyYA-3k