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  1. Mifune-Kurosawa

    Multi Fujiwara-uji (Ronin) Recruitment

    Looking for Objective based players on PSN MW2. Have to able to play objective, hold their own, use a mic and communicate. If you specialize in any field, taking down killstreaks, using support based killstreaks, run and gun, launchers, knives and or shield maiden play. That’s a plus, the more...
  2. A

    Multi Shield Gaming is Recruiting all members.

    WE ARE THE SHIELD GAMING Here at The Shield Gaming we strive to create a better, safer gaming environment for our members. We aren't the average runt of the mill gaming clan, at our head we have seasoned veterans within the gaming communities, Operators with business management credentials...
  3. jdjersey

    Multi Are you looking for a true home? Join Drip Gang Today! (4000+ Members)

    Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/dripgang What We Offer: ‣ Level 3 Boosted Discord Server ‣ Dank Memer & Groovy Bot Premium ‣ Promote Your Stream & Socials ‣ Super Active Chat ‣ Casual Groups ‣ Competitive Team ‣ Players With Professional Experience ‣ Coaching And Individual Practice...
  4. S

    PSN (PS5) SIL3NTKILL Lookin for a clan!

    Hey guys, title really says it all. I’m not new to the whole clanning/community thing. Ran multi-community clans for PC, and was part of multiple leadership positions, and vice-versa. Just looking for a new home and to meet new friends, and game it up with. Thanks! SIL3NTKILL - Add me on...
  5. P

    PSN Looking for a cod mw clan

    Hey so I’m looking for a sweaty cod mw clan. I’m a sweat myself. I usually go 20-40 kills a game. I’m on PS4 though but I’ll play with any platform. I’m 21 My Discord is Phycosity#0666 Message me on Discord or Just reply to this thread I can do tryouts if needed I’m usually free after...
  6. Voyde

    Multi [Warzone] V1RAL ARE RECRUITING!

    V1RAL Who are we? We are a Call of Duty: Warzone Regiment known as V1RAL. We are a small group of players who are among the top percentages of the rankings. We strive to be one of the top competitive Regiments in Warzone. We have players from all over the globe, from all different...
  7. Voyde

    Multi [WARZONE] 2x EU(UK) PC Players LF Clan / Team - 1.7+kd 100+wins

    We are a duo looking to join a team ready for when Cold War drops. KD is a little low as we started playing Warzone as our first BR, coming from CS:GO and other FPS/Competitive backgrounds. We mostly play with IRL friends but are looking to move onto joining a Team or Clan so we can find...
  8. A

    PSN Seeking team/players for competitive team

    Hey folks New to the forums, hope my post meets all rules/requirements. This may be a bit long and boring but hoping to get the right vibes across. Played cod2 & cod4 at the top level on PC 10 years ago (I know I'm getting old :D), recently bought my first ever console and got into the new cod...
  9. iRoniKz

    Multi DaGe Clan Recruitment

    Hello my name is DaGe iRoniKz and I am the Founder/Owner if DaGe Clan we are a Gaming organization that plays Call Of Duty Apex CS:GO and more we are currently trying to Recruit Content Creators Streamers GFX and Video Editors we are trying to get this Clan bigger so we can start going to CWL...
  10. Bynx

    Xbox Live [Exae] (fairly new regiment) (xbox one)

    Sick of playing Call Of Duty alone? Want to just have an available, active and on the go group without searching? [Exae] Sic Vita Est, Join our regiment/family. We play Warzone, Multiplayer, Spec Ops, Answer campaign questions and we have practices(starting soon). Our owner is Bynx (Gamertag...
  11. Bynx

    Xbox Live [Exae] Regiment [fairly new] [xbox one]

    Sick of playing Call Of Duty alone? Want to just have an available, active and on the go group without searching? [Exae] Sic Vita Est, Join our regiment/family. We play Warzone, Multiplayer, Spec Ops, Answer campaign questions and we have practices(starting soon). Our owner is Bynx (Gamertag...
  12. H

    Xbox Live LFC - Xbox

    Morning all, Looking for a UK Xbox based clan for competitive / fun gaming. Experienced, mature and active. Gamer tag: Holbers
  13. G

    PSN Alcontex Esports begin all operations looking to acquire Call of Duty roster.

    Alcontex is looking for a full roster to play under us. Please note: We’re not currently rolling out contracts or salaries but will be in the future. We are currently looking for semi-pro players that are actively playing in tournaments and scrims. We want to help build you as a player and help...
  14. S

    Xbox Live Looking for a xbox clan

    Hey I'm a small streamer looking for a clan so I can make friends have chill games and have a good time with I'm from the uk so a uk clan is preferred just for time zones ect my GT is I SMDx I
  15. A

    PSN Looking Competitive Modern Warfare Clans

    I’m looking competitive modern warfare clans, PSN: RaezX7
  16. SOF McDonald A

    Multi SOF Special Operation Forces Recruitment

    We are SOF History of Us SOF is a gaming community and Unit that has been around since 2010, We started in ARMA 3 as a MILSIM Group, and have made a name for ourselves on there and have established a growing family of gamers who enjoy playing tactical and Operating as a single cohesive...
  17. X

    Xbox Live Looking For a Bo1/Bo2 Clan(I am using Xbox 360)

    Add me on Xbox : XanaXavier Follow me on instagram: Antixanaxavier_ And we can talk there Hope i get recruited
  18. Dark_Preed


    Looking for players to join for either pub stomps or comp events on GB's & UMG. Message Dark_Preed or The_Quota on PS4. We also have a discord server for offline communication!
  19. A

    Xbox Live FREE AGENT !!!

    Hi my name is Carlos. Im 22 and in school to be a police officer. Im an experienced LAN winner and GameBattles competitor. My current stat in WW2 are 2.1 kd and 2.5 WL. 300 spm. IM looking for a mature group of dudes or dudes to play with. Mature and loyalty is what im looking for. Similar stats...
  20. TheSinisterMisfits

    Multi Sinister Misfits accepting new members!