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  1. X

    Xbox Live Looking For a Bo1/Bo2 Clan(I am using Xbox 360)

    Add me on Xbox : XanaXavier Follow me on instagram: Antixanaxavier_ And we can talk there Hope i get recruited
  2. Dark_Preed


    Looking for players to join for either pub stomps or comp events on GB's & UMG. Message Dark_Preed or The_Quota on PS4. We also have a discord server for offline communication!
  3. A

    Xbox Live FREE AGENT !!!

    Hi my name is Carlos. Im 22 and in school to be a police officer. Im an experienced LAN winner and GameBattles competitor. My current stat in WW2 are 2.1 kd and 2.5 WL. 300 spm. IM looking for a mature group of dudes or dudes to play with. Mature and loyalty is what im looking for. Similar stats...
  4. TheSinisterMisfits

    Multi Sinister Misfits accepting new members!

  5. Nymorph

    Xbox Live Ember Gaming Community Open Recruitment

    Hey there! My name is Thomas and I am the founder and owner of Ember Esports! The goal of Ember Esports is to bridge the gap between competitive and casual playstyles. We seek to bring the strategy involved in competitive gaming into the relaxed and joyful world of the casual player. We are...
  6. R

    Xbox Live Looking for clan members and GB teammates

    Hey I’m looking for more clan members for my clan of 5...ideally only one or two more. We are an amateur team and want to get better at GameBattles. Looking for younger players (teens) but accepting adults. Message me on Xbox if interested: Gt - RefleX Legendd
  7. Pynnk

    Multi Phoenix Recruitment Challenge

    Challenge Information: - World War 2 ONLY - Clantag for the challenge is [PHX] - No setup or fake clips. (If found guilty of faking clips immediate deny.) - Start is December 1st, 2017 / Deadline is December 17th, 2017 - All submissions and responses must be fulled through the form HERE! Clip...
  8. R

    PSN Mayhem Company Clan Recruitment PS4

    Hello this is General Of The Armies RogueSh1nobi. We are currently searching for brave young men and women to join us on the battlefield. We are an organised team orianted clan that uses strategy an tactics to win matches. we have an extensive ranking structure with specific objectives to move...
  9. P

    Multi Tactical Gaming is now Recruiting

    Tactical Gaming Looking for a military style clan? A friendly community? A clan that doesn't really look at how good you are, or your ability to play? If you are still interested then read on! Tactical Gaming, founded in November of 2004, is a community home to over 2000+ gaming members. The...
  10. S


    Official SKAR Gaming clan for MLG Gamebattles - Call of Duty:WWII We are looking for 100% dedicated players that are looking to fulfill their dreams of one day becoming a Pro Gamer. We will have scheduled practices that will be announced once we have gotten our team organized, I will create a...
  11. D

    PSN Dexterity Redemption recruitment challenge

    Hi, We are a sniping/feed clan and looking for new members. We are called Dexterity Redemption. We are new and are looking to grow and get noticed on YouTube.My name is DR Jimmybob. The clan consists of me, the leader, and my friend called Blizzi i, The co-leader. The clan has a YouTube channel...
  12. F

    Multi FTP Are Recruiting For MLG Players & Snipers !!!!

    We are French Toast Party A Call Of Duty clan we are recruiting for new MLG players that can play on IW then move on to WW2 and Snipers. We upload Montages to YouTube and now have over 1K subs & 2k followers on Instagram. If you want to join message our Instagram @French__Toast__Party or message...
  13. A

    Multi Supreme clan recruiting!

    Hey, we are a newly formed clan, called Supreme. The clan now has two members, and we are working to grow bigger and better. The clan will have a main Youtube channel, and members will have their own to post on. My name is "Supreme Alchemi". We have made this clan to have fun, but also to know...
  14. H

    Xbox Live Looking for BO3 Clan to join.

    Looking for any Australian Black Ops 3 clans to join. Clans that aren't only about trick shots or having an extremely high k/d. Willing to start a clan if there are any like minded people out there. Keen to start streaming, posting on socials and starting a channel.
  15. T

    PSN Team Frostbyte is Recruiting!

    Hey everyone! I am the leader of Team Frostbyte (TFB), TFB_Echo. This is a newer clan that is in need of more members. We were once known as RisK Nation, but have made a name change. I know many are going to ask about UMG and GBs. Yes, we are going to be doing all that in the future, but for now...
  16. X

    PSN Looking for a Clan

    Looking for a clan on playstation. I play Bo3 mainly but have MWR my KD in Bo3 is 2.54 and mainly play search and destroy
  17. P

    PSN Black Egrets Clan Recruitment [BO2]

    Hello, my name is SG_ParaS0UL and I'm recruiting for the Black Egrets Black Ops 2 clan. Of course we have rules, which are as follows: Must be at least 15 - 16 years old Intermediate level COD player Mic is highly recommended Active player on COD Can take constructive criticism Show good...
  18. TheGrantMan

    PSN Any Clan Recruiting Members?

    Hello members of the CoD community! My name is Grant and I joined the CoD community way back when I was only in the 2nd grade... A little young to play those games? Nah. I was here for the release of Modern Warfare but I am only recognized Black Ops 1 to Black Ops 3 in this thread. When...
  19. Unspun Gaming


    Good day, and welcome to the Unspun Gaming recruitment forum. Assuming you have clicked on this thread to find out more about our clan, I will now enlighten you with details on our clan and how we run. As we are a small clan we do not have a large amount of members, so gaining access to our...
  20. 6S Gaming Community

    Xbox Live Sixth Sense Gaming Recruitment [DISCORD]

    6S Gaming Community 6S is a resurgent gaming community with a long history of providing an excellent platform upon which to connect with other players and improve you as a gamer. Boasting a stable and experienced core of players across a wide array of games, with highly successful competitive...