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Soldiers Never Sleep is recruiting for our casual PC/PS4 gaming community. This community has been playing a set of different games since 2011 and are looking for new recruits.

About sNs
We are an international community. Although most of our Soldiers are from Europe and the States. With our own Discord server we are able to stay in touch with another and we have multiple voice channels dedicated to different games. We are a casual community above anything else. We will always value the player and his/her personality over the K/D or Stats.

What we have to offer

Our own website and Discord server
Internal clan events
Active and involved staff
Members online daily

Requirements for joining

Be at least 18
Have a mic or be in the process of buying one
Be respectful to other members
Good sense of humour

Who would benefit from being in sNs?

You're looking for a fun and active community
You're running 3 jobs and have 4 kids, so you just want a place to relax
You don't like ultra competetive clans who will kick you for your stats
You don't like discriminating anyone for ingame our real-life reasons

We would be happy to have you join us!

Check us out at: www.snsclan.com
Discord invite: https://discord.gg/wFAkNJn

Hope to see you soon in our ranks,

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