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Apparently, I didn't have my mic on for the entire video :( Alright at the start of the game my screen glitched out and showed the Russian language I know its sounds crazy but you just have to watch the video to see for yourself Like and Subscribe Comment Down Below Share this video with your family and friends. Video Link ----->
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgx62AUr2Gk&t=25s
View attachment 1169and yeah... EAT YOUR VEGETABLES View attachment 1169
I have not formally warned you. So, let me make it clear: Post in the Media Forum. THIS is what's being said when you LOG IN....
Welcome to CODForums, recruits! In order to get started, please read our Forum Rules. If you want to post a montage, or video, please use our Media Forum, do not spam across multiple forums. Finally, if you are a clan leader or recruiter, PLEASE use the Recruitment Forum! Otherwise, have fun posting!
Logic would say: Hm. Maybe I should post in the right place, and not re-post it, when an admin MOVES the thread for you.. Consider this your first warning. Test my patience, and I will show you how much of an asshole I can be.. soo... QUIT being a pain in my ass. I don't need to be babysitting you every fucking time.


The Equalizer
I am of two minds on the Roze skin issue..

On the one hand, she's on the top of my list of MOST HATED AVATARS.. Can't stand the bitch.. Especially when she kills me all the time.. :D

On the other hand, yea the skin has an advantage in the darkened areas of the map... But put her in the snow covered hills or lighter backgrounds and the skin is a huge disadvantage...

So I can see the anger directed at the skin, but can also see that each skin has advantages and disadvantages...

Except for the bright red skins.. There is NO advantage in those skins... :D


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Can we stop these kinds of posts? THERE SHOULD NOT be any excuses in not knowing the rules. Because its a STICKY in Clan Recruitment, and I made a FUCKING point to put it in the footer. You people are making me WISH I kept the pop up prompts intact.

I will now consider notifications that tell you welcome, and FOLLOW the rules. This is on all of you who don't pay attention.
I’m a officer with the regiment LGC (Logic gaming community). We are posting this because we are looking for new active member to add to our regiment.

Our regiment is 18+,you may possibly join if under the age 18. But you MUST complete a screening that will be over a few days.

We host game nights every night at 7pm EST to 8pm EST, EXCEPT on Sundays.

You must attend 2 game nights a week. More will be explained upon entry.

We are looking for regiment members who are focused on helping our community grow. Who are also active through out the week.

We have rules and we expect people to follow them. Very basic rules no racism, talking down to fellow regiment members, (trash talk in joking manor with people comfortable is acceptable)
No MODS or HACKS…, etc.

We also are looking for people whom are able to help us with keeping the rules in place! Which means advancements in your regiment rank.

We have a community of 100+ people reach out to us today and let’s get you started gaming with a amazing community.

Add me on discord Noticemesenpai#7194
I’ll get you put in thanks!
Bump to our thread


When in Vanguard multiplayer lobbys the other player names are the ones you see when you set up a match with BOTS in private match. Since this happened my connection has been poor with some lag as well. I can hear no chat in the lobbys. I have another profile on my x box series x and this does not occur when this profile plays vanguard. Anyone with any ideas as it is so annoying and I was enjoying the game before this happened. Thanks
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