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Let's talk about Zombies.

Before, I would run around and kill them at a distance. I barely play zombies anymore, but when I do, I still do that. I don't know how people have fun training them and going in a circle, seems really boring to me.
My strategy highly depends on the map, but generally, I want to have Jug and Speed, and definitely Quick Revive if playing solo. A good primary weapon is a must, such as a pack-a-punched LMG or AR, and a wonder weapon or ray gun are preferable as a secondary. Training is also a universal tactic.


What I always did in Kino with friends:

Don't buy any guns until the next room. Probably open a door by round 4 or so. After that get to the stage quickly, turn on the power and buy the bowie knife and use that until round 11 (it's a one-hit kill and it gets you so many points). Then find the mystery box, get points, buy perks, upgrade weapons, start making zombie trains and kill. My friends and I would always make it past round 30, but by then it starts getting boring.


I don't really have any type of tactics other than run and gun when I play CoD zombies. Usually when i do i try to kite the zombies around as much as possible so that i don't get swarmed and die. I feel like if you don't wait for them to group then mow them down that you'll run out of ammo and end up fighting them without anything.


I always start by knifing the zombie for the first few rounds. I usually play it by myself, and I get pretty far, but I'll have to try it with some friends next, I want to see how far I can get with them, but I'd prefer to work with an actual team instead of my friends who are far more likely to good around than take it seriously, which I do!


I have a strong dislike for the zombies mode, but that might be because I enjoyed Killing Floor and other much better wave based zombie survival games that CoD zombies is really pretty bad in comparison to other games. It's just really boring...


It depends on how many players really.. alone I rarely get very far, but with a good team that communicates well. We usually try to find a "blind spot" for one player to hide, where zombies can't get, and the rest of us lead them to that player. Generally the blindspot player has the best gun and an arsenal full of grenades at all times.


Well, my tactics for zombies have always been mixed. A little bit of everything. A little bit of run and gun, a little bit of killing them from a distance, a bit of knifing and running away from them. It usually works for a few rounds, and our highest amount of rounds we survived was around 30 or 40 in Kino der Toten. Those were good days.


I love zombies. The method you describe for taking it on seems interesting and challenging, I've never really thought of playing zombies any other way than trying to reach the highest round. My strategy for taking on Kino Der Toten is just the classic round them up in large groups and slowly shoot them down with a wall gun.


My favorite is of course Kino Der Toten. I'm actually surprised how many people here say that they do not like playing solo. I actually prefer either solo or teammates that LISTEN and KNOW what they are doing.

I have played SEVERAL 30+ rounds. It's all about getting ALL of the zombies to follow you around in a huge circle. Once you get them all lined up, it is so easy to shoot, then run, shoot run, refill ammo, etc. It's when you have teammates that don't know this method that it gets really tricky.

I also really hate it when you intentionally leave a crawler so you can do other things, and that one guy always kills him and starts the next round......


As an addition to my previous post, I'd also like to say that I do employ different strategies. Some times my goal is to get to the highest level, but often my goal is to open certain doors, get certain weapons, or even just explore the map further.

Am I the only one here who leaves a game immediately if the other players do not have a mic? It seems like those without mics are just not serious about zombies :p

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