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What was your first truely earned gold gun


Mine was the M4A1 and my experience was amazing. It took 2 monthes
and when it finally reached level 31, I was screaming my head off and instantly put the gold camo on my gun. Then I changed my clan tag to [Swag]. lol


I am SOOOO close to my first gold gun... Everytime I've gotten close before, I've prestiged.
But now I'm level 58 on my 7th prestige and I have a gun 3/4 of the way through that last level of gun rank.
My first gold gun is surprisingly going to be the SPAS-12. lol


I had the acr first! (the noobs gun) Then the u.m.p, then mk14 (which i had more than 10 moabs with since)


Mine would be the MSR, I absolutely loved using that guns. The number of hours I spent using that gun was by far the most of any weapon. I think I got it gold every prestige all the way up to my current prestige 20.


Honestly, I think it might have been the UMP45...but I'm not 100% sure, it has been over 6 months since I played MW3 and I got my first gold gun the second day the game was out.


Probably the scar L and then the ACR. I didn't use anything else after the ACR. That's my favourite Gun


I only got 4 gold guns cause I had the game for 3 weeks but I remembered the UMP to be my first. Man when I thought that was a beast gun I was proven wrong lol.

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