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    Lag/Latency/Peaker's Advantage/Fog of War

    Ok, so I'm a PC f_g but there is a serious issue with fog of war in this game. Am I the only one noticing this? Basically, I turn a corner and before I can even register who is in my sightline, I am already being shot at or dead. When looking at kill cams, the opponent has nearly half a second...
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    new pc 800-900fps private game bo2 cant be truth ?!

    mw is fine now 300-max 350 fps...but in bo2 multiplayer works with normal 200fps and privat game stuttering and jump keybind sometimes not work and slowmotion sometimes why ? what is wrong ? what is wrong with my new pc ? and csgo some rounds i die bader than with old pc and 60 hz ^^but all...
  3. S

    Call of Duty LagZone micro-stutter experience

    Getting micro-stutters every few seconds for weeks now on eu "servers". This happens nearly every game. Quit to desktop, run the game again, queue and it works fine. Next game it doesn't. Steady ping, steady FPS, solid connection working great everywhere except here. Anyone else...
  4. B

    Someone should develope a program to combat lag problems

    On a game console, this program will predict player location according to its ping and location. When internet is slowing down, this program can be made to activate automatically and disable automatically prior to the nature of your network
  5. X

    Performance issues on PS4 Pro

    I've been having performance issues with the game now for the last couple of months but now the problems are just getting worse. I'm loading into games far slower than my friends - for example in S&D I'll often miss the chance to spawn in the first round as it takes me 40 seconds or so longer to...
  6. H

    Lag issues with TDM 100

    Is anyone having trouble with TDM 100? I consistently have good scores in regular TDM and win a lot of gunfights. In TDM 100 I can not win a single gun fight. Back to regular TDM and I can play again. It plays just like the old Black Ops 2 lag compensation days. Anybody else experiencing this?
  7. L

    Increased ping since latest update (May)

    Has anyone noticed increased ping since the latest update? I was getting anywhere from 16 to 50 ping before and now I can't get anything lower than 150 ping, with it being 160-180 most games. I haven't changed anything regarding my internet, or modem settings etc. I've done a hard reset on...