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Do You Still Play Black Ops 1?


There's still a good amount of people playing BO1, I was on just the other day. It's still really fun. Time has kind of weeded out some people and the ones that play it genuinely love it. It's in a good place now.


I do and there's a lot of people who still play. I play a lot less of course because i prefer other online FPS right now.
Sometimes. When I rage in Black Ops 2, I go to Black Ops 1 just to have fun and remember all the memories from that game. Sometimes, I even go back to CoD4 or World at War.


I still play occasionally but not that much. I feel like Black Ops 1 was a dull and tired game. Yeah, I had some fun in multiplayer and the campaign (veteran excluded), but I moved on. It just doesn't feel and play that very well in my opinion compared to Modern Warfare 2 and the subsequent 2 after Black Ops 1.


I barely even have time to play Black Ops 1 any more. It just doesn't have anyone online and it's so two years ago.


I definitely play it. Mostly because I don't own BO2, but other than that, I also have loads of friends in the more competitive circles that play BO almost exclusively and it helps me keep in touch with them, besides whenever I play with them it provides a good challenge for my skills.


I play sometimes when I wanna go nostalgic or when I am bored. It's still fun, but I've beaten it so many times that I lost interest in it by that time. But if I get tired of playing Black Ops 2, and haven't played Black Ops 1 in awhile, lets say 6 months or so. Yeah I'll go back. Occasionally.


I personally love the first Black Ops much more then I like Black Ops 2. I actually traded in my Black Ops 2 for a new Black Ops about a month into owning Black Ops 2. I suppose it's do the fact that I enjoy playing on the maps, using the guns, etc., from the original Black Ops far more then Black Ops 2.


I play online occasionally. I'm not really good though but I still try and play despite having more deaths than I do kills. Campaign was ok but not something you'd want to play more than once.


I sold my copy to get BO2, worst mistake ever. I feel that the original BO was 10 times better than the new one, I could hit my friends on Facebook and there was always someone to play with, now I can barely find one of them to play.

Definitely would be playing it if I still had the game.


I haven't played it in over as year however i recently got the urge to start playing it again. The AK74u is calling me.


Every now and again I'll come back to Black Ops and see how things are going. There's still quite the player base which is nice, and even though most of the Call of Duty games lose support once the new title rolls out, it seems like the servers are still doing pretty good. Most, if not everyone I run into these days though is Max Rank, Max Prestige and always give the same answer of "I went to a prestige lobby" so it's incredibly easy to beat them.

Quacker Jack

I still play Black Ops 1. To me, it was one of my favorite COD games in the series. It seemed like a pretty fair game, in which you would actually have to be skilled in order to be good at it. There was nothing really cheap about it that happened in other games (ie Target Finder). It is a good breath of fresh air compared to Black Ops 2, my least favorite COD game.


I don't play Black Ops any more, though I did enjoy it a lot when it first released. Looking back on it, I preferred the maps (definitely the map sizes) better than in Black Ops 2 - but due to the sheer amount of time I played in Black Ops, I haven't felt the need to install it again.
Yes, as it is my favorite Call of Duty. I think the multiplayer is the most-balanced out of all the CoD games, and I think the core feel of the game is more fluid. I also think Treyarch did a great job with the Zombies maps in BlOps 1.


I think Black Ops is a great game and I still play occasionally with my brother. It was the first COD game I ever played so I like to get back on even if it's never going to be as fun as when I used to play with my friends. The awesome guns and maps are reason enough to play it; zombies as well.


I sometimes venture back to Black Ops 1 to play Kino Der Toten, other than that I stick to the 2nd version.

I did like the DLC maps more for Black Ops 1 though.


I play it every once in a while to kill some time but to be honest I never really liked it. All my friends told me how much fun it was but I couldn't ever bring myself around to enjoying it.


I did some zombie with some friends recently, on Black Ops but other than zombies I haven't played it. By the way you guys make me want to play it again so I think I'll give it a try :p.

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