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Do You Still Play Black Ops 1?

I wanted to give it a spin the other day and it seems my PS3 has issues with it, but I liked Black Ops. The campaign had a few missions I repeated a few times 'cause I really enjoyed them, though the campaign in general wasn't much deserving of a replay in my opinion.
Multiplayer, for me, was a big upgrade from Modern Warfare 2 in terms of balance, so I played that a lot more. And of course, the Zombies were pretty damn cool! Never got around to buying the DLC, but from waht I've seen with friends, I guess I missed out.

Yeah, all in all, I thought it was pretty good and would want to play it again some more if only my console would allow it.


Now that Black Ops 2 is out, do you still play Black Ops 1?

I know that for me, personally, I don't hardly play at all! I wouldn't ever, if my boyfriend didn't put it in the playstation from time to time. There are some things that I like about Black Ops 1 better than 2, but not enough to play it often. I'm too caught up in trying to level up my guns and get new playercards.

What about you?

I play it from time to time. It's still a decent experience, but there are a lot of people that have quit so you tend to not get as much good competition. I always go back to the single player modes on these games, however, just to have the experience. It' a decent game, but needs more to it for me to come back more.

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