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Angels of Death

FPS Tweak Thread for PC

Angels of Death


I'm out at the moment but I'll work out what is required for your system when I get home, but looking at your components I can't see 650 watts bring an issue.

Those are good specs though, it's a decent system.

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You might be surprised to learn that even with jjust a 650 watt PSU, you will have bags of headroom, based on what you have told me about your PC, I think it would be fair to estimate around 309 watts of power draw.

I got my figures from PCPartpicker, check out what I put together.


I put this ps in

Super Flower Leadex III Gold 750W 80+ Gold, ECO Fanless & Silent Mode, Full Modular Power Supply, Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan, 10 Year Warranty,SF-750F14HG

How do I overclock my 1060GTX? I know how but Im looking for the best way



All I can tell you is that the most popular software for overclocking a GPU is MSi Afterburner, then you can test for stability and monitor temperatures with Kombuster.

I prefer not to overclock my GPU, my GPU boosts to 1920 MHz, there are some triple fan overclocked models that boost to 2025 MHz but in typical benchmark results they produce less than a 5% gain in frame rates, despite the 5% increase in clock speeds.

When I bought my card I could have gone for a factory overclocked model but didn't see the benefit in paying around 20% more for less than a 5% gain.

If you want to overclock I would suggest doing some independent research, and be aware that there are some risks involved.

As for your PSU, did you get modular, semi-modular on fixed cables? It doesn't make a difference in performance but does i make a difference to the price and came management in your build.

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Ooops... just noticed it says full-modular in your original reply above.


Have you pushed your Ryzen at all? Been building for many years, I think that if you keep the heat down things last, and its worked

BTW, I put this cooler on the CPU and I highly recommend it

Roll over image to zoom in

Noctua NH-U12S, Premium CPU Cooler with NF-F12 120mm Fan


I like the Noctua coolers, especially now they make them in black, but I really wanted to go for the Wraith Prism, I wanted a good looking RGB case as the PC I built in 2012 and then later added RGB to was not done well, this 1 I have done better with.

I haven't tried overclocking yet, I have had limited success with overclocking the i7 in my previous build, I got it to benchmark at 4.9ghz and boot at 5.0ghz but it was unstable and would crash intermittently, also it wasn't making as big a difference to gaming performance as I hoped it so I decided to leave it.

I wasn't planning to overclock, but then this changed my mind:



do u think my 1060 gtx is a bottleneck issue?
For some reason, I get the impression that you want to upgrade your graphics card and are looking for someone to validate this urge so you can justify your decision, I can't really do that, I wouldn't put a GTX 1060 with a Ryzen 7 3700X in a new build unless I already had the GTX 1060 as a spare part or I got a really good price on a GTX 1060 at the time of building. (I am assuming you mean 3700X as AMD have not produced a 3700 or 3700+ as stated in a previous post).

Here is why.

At 1080p you should get something like:

80-90fps at Ultra
120-140fps at High
180-200fps at Medium
250+fps at Low

At 1440p you should get something along the lines of:

50-65fps at Ultra
90-110fps at High
135-150fps at Medium
210+fps at Low

If you were struggling to get playable frame rates at 1080p in low settings then yes, you should absolutely get a new GPU, but your 1060 is more than capable of hitting very playable frame rates even at high-quality settings in 1440p or ultra settings at 1080p.

IMO it would be a really bad idea to change that when we are just weeks away from new nVidia cards launching and when AMD has assured us that they are on track to get Big Navi cards on the shelf in 2020. Even if you ended up buying a current-gen GPU after these new cards launch, you would get a better deal if you wait because no enthusiast would buy an RTX 2000 series card at their original RRP pricing when new RTX 3000 series cards are available.


I am not looking for anyone to validate anything, I have a 1060GTX before I upgraded to my new stuff and was wondering if that might be a bottleneck


Well, it is a bottleneck, but not a serious bottleneck, you can see what sort of performance figures you should be getting with it in my post above.

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I got my numbers from GPUcheck.com, you can get a massive uplift in frames per second if you set your render resolution percentage as low as possible.

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