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Guerilla Gamers is currently recruiting adult players over the age of 18 for Black Ops 4. We have members that are active in the competitive side (game battles, league play in the future) as well as pub stomping. We have multiple game nights a week and there are always members active.

Check out our website: http://www.guerrillagamers.com/ and send a message on Xbox if you are interested in joining. GT: mr jim lahey17
(Xbox One) Guerrilla Gamers is a new gaming clan looking for more like minded individuals . 18+ Only. We are an active clan with 20+ members that play just about every evening. We are getting into Gamebattles and the competitive side of things but we always run groups together and enjoy pub stomping. We don't care if you just got the game or have been playing for years we just like to have a good time!

More Details

We have a rank structure that the leadership overlooks so you can grow and rank up within the community
We have weekly meetings and practices
We have a website you can find us here http://www.guerrillagamers.com
We also have an active Discord channel!
We have several members that stream on twitch and Mixer!
All skill levels welcome!
Drama Free!
Scrim nights!
Mature environment

We strive to keep the community drama free and an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. We don't tolerate Obnoxiousness, racism, harassment, or Discrimination. When you get on to play after work or when you get some down time you get on to enjoy the game with good people and that's what we all want to do!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me! Gamertag : GGC LUCK CL

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